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Freedom Business And Dignified Jobs

Businesses always seemed like a corrupt, money grabbing scheme. Workers are used for labor, suppliers are swindled, and products are pushed as hard as possible. Some businesses would have an agenda that says they're helping people in Africa or helping lower emissions, but these agendas seemed to only be there to provide a niche in the market. 

Freedom businesses are all about being transparent, and providing dignifying jobs. They have four specific bottom lines, economic, social, spiritual, and environmental. These bottom lines or base lines guide the businesses so that the impact these businesses create are for the good of the people. Freedom businesses serve all the stakeholders of the business, so the workers, suppliers, community, other businesses, consumers, and any person in between. 

Several businesses who really pursue women who've been sex trafficked and marginalized would be Purnaa, Five14, or Dinadi. These businesses provide a way for women to leave sex trafficking and earn a sustainable income and trade for the rest of their lives. These businesses are an avenue for safety and freedom.

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