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Freedom Businesses In Nepal

meghan bachtold

If you were to google freedom businesses in Nepal what do you think would come up?

Subtract the random things the internet decides to pull up and all the websites that you think look really cool but end up not being related at all, focus on; Purnaa, Beauty for Ashes, and Five14.

These freedom businesses are not only changing society but they're also really modern and chic.

Beauty for Ashes create jobs for women who've just gotten out of human trafficking providing them a safe and comfortable place to work. Over half of Purnaa's employees are survivors of exploitation or have a background of marginalization. Purnaa's products are unlike any other clothing store selling things from clothes and jewelry to purses, hats, and little accessories. Beauty for Ashes has more accessories and beautiful jewelry.

If you would like to order from them you can! You can go online to their website at: 

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