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Freedom Fundraiser

matt peterson

We've had a full couple of weeks! Because of that we didn't get to share about our fundraiser from a couple weeks ago. If you remember we had Purnaa's director, Corban Bryant, share about their work in Nepal with survivors of exploitation and marginalization.

Purnaa's director, Corban Bryant, sharing about Purnaa's work

We held the event at Kairos Coffee House and they served us some delicious dessert and drinks (which it's hard not to love). It was encouraging to hear Corban share about their work and we were grateful to have organized the event. Purnaa is one of the businesses that we are most passionate in supporting. Their work is so inspiring and we love being part of it. And, of course, we made sure to have their products on display.

Purnaa products on display

We love working with businesses that are making an impact in people's lives. Thanks for being with us on the journey!

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