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Human Trafficking Involvement Fair

matt peterson

We had the privilege of heading up to the University of Northern Colorado yesterday to take part in their 2nd annual Human Trafficking Awareness week. We were there for the Involvement fair. It was a great time of sharing our story and helping people engage with business solutions that address human trafficking. 

I would say my two highlights from the time came from unexpected places. The first highlight was that I was able to connect with a couple of other organizations that were also a part of the fair. We got to chat about ways we could partner and that was very encouraging and exciting! I will keep you posted!

The second highlight for me came just after I sold a woman one of our Kalpana Scarves made by Purnaa. She stood in front of our booth holding her new scarf and said "There's no shame holding this" and I knew exactly what she meant. She could confidently say that no person was abused or exploited in producing her new scarf. In a simple sentence, she summed up something we care so deeply about - providing dignified jobs that are about empowering not exploiting.

Thank you everyone, who is part of our work we couldn't do it on our own!!! 

And if you would like your own Kalpana Scarf email us at and we can help you get one!

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