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Kairos Traders And Freedom Business

severin bechtold

Since I have been studying business as mission - I have had the privilege to see behind the curtain of Kairos Traders. My whole perspective of business totally shifted. I see so much more value and purpose now behind everything we are doing and working with, and what good stewardship can look like.
I am impressed with what great authority that we have as humans and with that responsibility we've been given (no matter if know it or not) to have a holistic impact on multiple bottom lines!

Especially "Freedom Businesses" that meet the need of a social business more than sufficiently;
by rising people into an; esteemed, valued, respected and purposeful employment. I am in a process now of taking on God's point of view on economics more and more. It is very fascinating and exciting and I really want to work in this area!

Severin, Germany

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