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Kickstarter In The Home Stretch

matt peterson

Thank you to everyone who supported our recent Kickstarter campaign. I wanted to give a quick update. We just got word that the last shipment of products that we were waiting on has been sent our way. Since it's coming from Asia it will take a little bit, but should be here next week. The t-shirts we are wanting to get printed for our 'let it not be said' t-shirts are also in stock, so we will be placing our order for those this week. Today we were able to start packing our first rewards up for shipment. It will be exciting to start sending those out.

The newest inventory that we ordered with the money we generated through our Kickstarter campaign has also arrived. We will be putting them into our store soon and are expecting to launch our online store in the near future. The last of our sales tax licenses came in, so it won't be long before we will be able to make these beautiful products available to anyone visiting our blog and online store.

We will continue to keep you posted!

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