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What Causes Human Trafficking?

mats tunehag

Kairos Traders: Mats Tunehag has graciously agreed to let us post portions of his work on our blog. Over the next few days we will be sharing some of his work regarding finding business solutions to human trafficking. Thank you Mats!

Root cause to human trafficking

We need to identify root causes to human trafficking. One answer is unemployment. Places with high unemployment and under-employment become high-risk areas, where traffickers trick and trap vulnerable people looking for jobs. Thus we cannot talk about adequate prevention of human trafficking unless we include the need for jobs with dignity. We must also answer the question: out of trafficking and into what? Jobs with dignity provide a hope for sustainable freedom to survivors. Effective prevention and restoration require jobs. Who can create jobs with dignity? Business people.

Want to connect with more freedom businesses that are fighting human trafficking? Join us at the Freedom Business Alliance Forum, August 20th-24th. To get more info click here.

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